Lesson 2.3 Key Term Crossword


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A technique that is used to make a process automatic.
Closed Loop System
A system that uses feedback from the output to control the input.
Digital Signal
A system of discrete states: high or low, on or off, 1 or 0.
The ability to bring a desired result with the least waste of time, energy, or material.
Try out a new procedure, idea, or activity.
Information about the output of a system that can be used to make adjustments.
Flexible Manufacturing System
The efficient production of small amounts of products.
Open-Loop System
A control system that has no means for comparing the output with input for control purposes. An open-loop system often requires human intervention.
Set of instructions that control the operation of a computer.
A level or point at which something would start or cease to happen or come into effect.
Analog Stick
A signal having the characteristic of being continuous and changing smoothly over a given range, rather than switching suddenly between certain levels.
Computer Aided Manufactoring
Using computers to operate and control machines and processes to manufacture a product.
Computer Integrated Manufactoring
A company-wide management philosophy for planning, integration, and implementation of automation.
A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements or parts that function together as a whole to accomplish a goal.
Anything your robot does; turning on a motor is a behavior, following a line is a behavior, navigating a maze is a behavior.
Using descriptive text to explain portions of code. Comments do not change the way a robot behaves, but are important for the programmer to remember what the code does.
Limit Switch
A touch sensor used to limit the motion of a moving device. Limit switches may be used to provide a precise beginning and end point to mechanical motion.
A sensor used to measure the angular position of the axle or shaft passing through its center.
Shorthand notation for programming which uses a combination of informal programming structures and verbal descriptions of code.
Touch Sensor
A sensor that detects physical contact and reports back to the controller whether its contact area is being pushed in or not.
Locating and finding the cause of problems related to technological products or systems.
While Loop
A control flow statement that allows code to be executed repeatedly.
To function imperfectly or badly.
A device that detects some important physical quality or quantity about the surrounding environment, and conveys the information to the robot in electronic form.
Programs and other operating information used by a computer.