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space __ after a period


space __ after the state abbreviation before keying the zip code


space __ after a comma


space __ after a colon


where is vertical alignment ( centering ) command found?

Page Layout-Page setup-Layout

what tab contains the margins command?

Page layout

when done keying a document, one should __

Create a footer, save, proofread

the zoom slide is located __

bottom right corner (status bar)

What tab contains the Header footer command?


The alignment commands are located on the __ tab


in word, a grammatical error is indicated by this color underline


Which icons on the quick toolbar allow you to create folders?

Open, Save, Save as

when keying in double space mode, __ vertical lines are left between lines


when all lines are aligned to the left margin, the document is in ___ ___.

block format

No punctuation following the salutation or closing is called

open punctuation

between the closing and the keyed name of the writer, return ___ times.


between the date and the delivery address, there are ___ blank lines.


The side margins of an unbound report are


The body of a report is ___ .

Double Spaced

the reference initials on a letter are keyed a double space below the ____ ____ ____ ____.

writers name or title

A memo is formatted in __ __

block format

the first page of a report begins approximately ___ from the top margin


what is the key command for save


what is the key command for bold


what is the key command for a new page? (page break)


what is the key command to position the insertion point at the top of the document?


how many folds are necessary for insertion into a #6 envelope


how many folds are necessary for insertion into a #10 envelope


what are 2 unique features to a delivery address envelopes?

all caps and no punctuation

what information is commonly found on the last page of a report?

references and work cited

which line is indented in a hanging indent format?

2nd following line

page numbers are visible on the first page of a report, true or false?


first tab on an outline is a ____ tab.


The outline numbering used for MLA style is ____


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