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Mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young like marsupials. Urinary, defecatory, and reproductive systems all open into a single duct, the cloaca.
Female has two lateral vagina, which led to two seperate uteri and Males have two penises. They carry their young in pouches.
duplex placenta
a placenta consisting of two parts, almost entirely detached, being united only at the point of attachment of the cord
bipartite placenta
a placenta consisting of the uteri joined at the cervic often found in large cats
bicornuate placenta
a placenta consisting of 2 uterine horns + uterine body + cervic often found in artiodactlys
simplex placenta
a placenta consisting of one uterus often found in xenartha and humans
period when ovulation occurs. Female are receptive to copulation
relaxes ligaments for birth
epitheliochorial design
all 6 layers present, least intimate, non deciduous often seen in pigs, horses, lemurs, and whales
syndesmochorial design
layer 3 is lost, deciduous, ruminant artiodactyls.
endotheliochorial design
layer 2 & 3 are lost, deciduous, found in carnivores
hemochorial design
layers 1-3 are lost, deciduous, seen in insectivores, bats, "higher primates" and most rodents
hemoendothelian design
layers 1-5 are lost, deciduous, found in lagomorphs and some rodents.