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cuando haya otro baile, iré otra vez

when there is another dance, I will go again

cuando lea este libro, será mejor

when he reads this book, he will be better

cuando lo haga, se sentirá

when h/s does it, he will feel

cuando puedas bailar, vuelve y...

when you are able to dance, come back and...

cuando tengas tu propia caja, tendrás éxito

when you have your own box, you will be successful

es importante que goces

it's important that you enjoy

es importante que me diga usted

it's important that you tell me

es importante que practiques

it's important you practice

es malo que te aburras

it's bad that you are bored

es mejor que bailes

it's best that you dance

es necesario que sepas bailar

it's necessary that you know how to dance

es necesario que siga los requisitos

it's necessary that she meet the requirements

es necesario que tenga éxito

it's necessary that he be successful

es posible que estés en

it's possible that you will be in

no quiero que sea malo

I don't want him to be bad

no quiero que seas un fracaso

I don't want you to be a failure

quiere que todos vengan

h/s wants everyone to come

quiero que obtengan

I want them to get

quiero que se diviertan

I want them to have fun

¿es posible que ella pueda lograr tantas metas?

is it possible for her to achieve so many goals?

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