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  1. myopia
  2. lavish
  3. brandish
  4. pinnacle
  5. indignant
  1. a (v) to shake or wave
  2. b (adj) abundant or excessive
  3. c (n) the highest or topmost point or level of something
  4. d (adj) angry because of the unfairness of somebody or something
  5. e (n) nearsightedness; lack of foresight; close-mindedness

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  1. (v) to wake someone up, to produce an emotion or feeling in someone
  2. (v) to explain in detail
  3. (v) to show, to express, or direct through movement
  4. (v) hum continuously with a low sound
  5. (v) to look at angrily

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  1. unintelligible(adj) incapable of being tired out


  2. indefatigable(adj) impossible to understand


  3. sniveling(adj) intimidating, difficult


  4. bravado(n) boldness intended to impress or intimidate


  5. ceaseless(adj) without interruption; not stopping