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  1. specious
  2. contrite
  3. tumult
  4. traverse
  5. indefatigable
  1. a (adj) incapable of being tired out
  2. b (adj) appearing to be true but really false
  3. c (adj) genuinely and deeply sorry
  4. d (n) a violent or noisy commotion
  5. e (v) to travel over

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  1. (adj) understood or implied without being stated openly; unspoken
  2. (v) to tremble; to speak in a trembling voice
  3. (v) to shake or wave
  4. (n) extreme intensity of emotion or belief
  5. (adj) unyielding, stubborn

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  1. assimilate(v) integrate into a larger group


  2. toothless(adj) without interruption; not stopping


  3. bristle(v) to wake someone up, to produce an emotion or feeling in someone


  4. cower(v) to look at angrily


  5. pinnacle(v) to be angry or offended about something