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  1. hoi polloi
  2. purge
  3. tumult
  4. disillusioned
  5. contemptuous
  1. a (adj) disappointed (that something is not as good as previously thought)
  2. b (n) common people, masses
  3. c (n) a violent or noisy commotion
  4. d (v) to clean, to free (of)
  5. e (adj) expressing extreme dislike or disrespect

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  1. (n) the extreme ill will or hatred that exists between enemies
  2. (n) the highest or topmost point or level of something
  3. (v) to shake or wave
  4. (adj) appearing to be true but really false
  5. (adj) superior or notable over all others, outstanding

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  1. myopia(adj) understood or implied without being stated openly; unspoken


  2. apathy(n) lack of feeling or emotion


  3. eccentric(adj) genuinely and deeply sorry


  4. blunder(v) to mover or act stupidly (n) a mistake


  5. unintelligible(adj) incapable of being understood