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- communication barriers & information silos
- problem exists across business units & subgroups
- hardware and software groups
- high duplication & inefficient process
- ex. new designs - lack of comm to groups that need to know

the problem

- professional collaboration & information repository
- collaboration : connecting groups & divisions to share info
- data repository - knowledge management & storage

- we currently use SharePoint as a document repository, but it doesn't meet our current requirements

the solution

- such a solution would have a high impact on core capabilities but a low impact on strategy
- increase efficiency, but it wouldn't change the company's strategy


- Itron has a small group of 10-12 from several groups
- marketing, hardware, software, IT, CTO's office
- Group came up with a set of requirements that the tool would need to have
- three different categories
- functional
- feature
- performance


-requirements are also prioritized into three categories
- must : req has to be met
- need : adds value but not required
- want : basically a nice to have


- we basically did a decision analysis on about 15 different solutions and narrowed it down to 3 that we are investigating
- SharePoint 15
- Jive
- Yammer


- decision analysis
- basically we weighted the must/need/want with 10/5/1 and rated each solution with each requirement that we had.
- 0-3 (3=exceeds)
- jive->yammer->existing SharePoint


- jive = $144 per user (2000) users + $50,000 = $338,000
- yammer = $120K
- SharePoint15 = itron has microsoft licenses for most of their products, including SharePoint15


- we are currently holding pilots for jive & yammer
- everyone on the team has accounts
- the original date for a decision was going to be sometime in the summer, but we got an extension because SharePoint15 will not be released officially until the end of the year.
- Jive is highest score but most expensive
- Leaning towards SharePoint 15 not only because of costs, but also because of the lower training needed
- and SharePoint integrates into all the tools we currently use (word, excel, powerpoint, etc)
- looks like a competitor from the demo we saw.


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