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Cayla Schreier Science 7

Summarize the traits of simple invertebrates using the following table
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Summarize the traits of the Classes of Arthropods using the following table.
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List the 3 main traits of chordates
Summarize the traits of vertebrates using the following table.
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Describe the difference between cold blooded and warm blooded vertebrates.
cold blooded animals have to use their environment to keep warm and warm blooded animals don't have to environment
to keep warm because they have fur or hair.
What is the difference between a closed circulatory system and an open circulatory system?
A closed circulatory system has blood pumping through tubes or vessels, while a open circulatory system lets the blood flow freely.
Describe the functions of the lateral line and air (swim) bladder in a fish.
it helps them swim
Describe the characteristics of the reptile egg.
They lay eggs with leathery shells.
Define regeneration
the process in which organisms reproduce
Is regeneration a type of sexual or asexual reproduction?
sexual reproduction