science 7/8 vocab final review

41 terms by jillbaggett81

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vocan no. 9 through 12


am animal who cannot control their internal body temperature and has to rely on their surroundings for heat


an animal who can produce and regulate its own body heat and internal temperature

swim bladder

a gas filled sac inside fish that helps to stabalize them at different depths


the upper chambers of the heart


the lower chambers of the heart


an organ that holds the developing fetus and passes materials between it and the mother

mammary glands

glands that produce milk to feed their young

gestation period

the period while the fetus is developing in the mother, a.k.a. pregnancy


the large muscle below the lungs that helps pull air into and push air out of the lungs


an animal in the phylum chordata that has a notochord, or spinal chord


teeth that mollusks use to scrape food off of surfaces


a hard outer shell protecting the soft innards of an invertabrate


the shedding of an exoskeleton so they soft body of the invertabrate can grow and expand


a process when the animals body undergoes dramatic changes during its lifestyle


an appendage on the head of some animals that contain sense organs


the second stage of complete metamorphisis when the insect is enclosed by a covering as it transforms from a larva to an adult


the second stage of gradula metamorphisis in which the organism is a smaller version that resembles the adult


the middle section of an insect that contains all of the appendages


the last segment of an insect that contains most of the internal organs

water vascular system

a system of fluid filled tubes that are inside the body of an ecniderm.....also helps it the echniderm move


an internal skeleton


a collection of tissues that carry out a specialized function in the body


an animal with a backbone


an animal that does not have a backbone


something that is not symmetrical or does not have any lines of symmetry

radial symmetry

the quality of having many lines of symmetry all passing through a central point

bilateral symmetry

body plan in which only a single, imaginary line can divide the body into two equal halves; characteristic of worms, arthropods, and chordates


radially symmetrical animals having saclike bodies with only one opening and tentacles with stinging structures


the cnidarian body plan with a vase shape and is usually adapted for life on an underwater surface


a cnidarian body plan of a bowl made for a free swimming life


the abillity to regrow body parts


vascular tissue that transports water and nutrients from the roots to other cells


vascular tissue that transports food from the leaves to other cells


the early growth stage of the embryo when it becomes active and begins to grow roots and leaves


seed leaves used to store food


the part of a seed that is a zygote with the potential to become a new organism


the frowth response of a plant toward or away from a stimulus


transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a plant


the emission of water vapor from the leaves of plants


a plant that produces seeds that are not enclosed by a protective covering


flowering plant; bears its seeds within a layer of tissue that protects the seed

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