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The anterior sacral ligament is an anterior inferior thickening of the ...

Fibrous capsule

The major connection between the sacrum and innominate is the _____ ligament?

Interosseous ligament

This ligament is taut in counternutation ...

Dorsal sacroiliac ligament

Rotation of the Sacrum forward a few degrees in relation to the Ilia.
Anterior movement of the sacrum around a transverse axis relative to the hip bones.

Nutation (L. nodding)

Rotation of the Sacrum back a few degrees in relation to the Ilia.
Posterior movement of the sacrum around a transverse axis relative to the hip bones.


This ligament stabilizes against nutation and also counteracts the dorsal and cranial migration of the sacral apex during weight bearing.

Sacrotuberous ligament

The three large bones which form the hip bone.

Innominate (Latin: nameless)

How many muscles attach to the sacroiliac joint?


T/F The muscles that attach to the S/I joint primary function is to move it.


T/F The muscles that attach to the S/I joint primary function is to stabilize it.


The _____ muscle is an internal rotator and abductor of the hip if the joint is flexed beyond 90°.


A state of stability that is dependent on the anatomy with no need for extra force.

Form closure

Requires intrinsic and extrinsic forces to keep the SI joint stable.

Force closure

The components of the self-locking mechanism are ...

Neurological systems, myofascial systems, and gravity. (NOT muscles)

This is critical for the self-locking mechanism ...

Ability of the sacrum to nutate.

Where the joint occupies or attains its most congruent position.

Self-locking mechanism
AKA Close pack position

The hip articulation is formed between the _____ and the _____.

Head of the femur and acetabulum of the pelvic bone.

There are _____ plane motions in the hip joint. They are _____.

3, Sagittal, Frontal, and Transverse

T/F All of the planes of motion in the hip joint pass through the center of the femoral head.


The greater trochanters are _____ the pubic tubercles.

Level with

Sprung pelvis is a separation of ...

Pubic symphysis and SI joints

The most common areas in the hip for avulsion fractures are?

ASIS, AIIS, and Ischial Tuberosity
(NOT PSIS, PIIS, Iliac tubercle, Iliac tuberosity)

The lesser trochanter is created from the pull of the ...


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