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collagen fibers for strenth proteoglycans for reiliencey

articular cartilae

covers bones at joints; has no perichondrium also, does not ossify


spaces occupied by osteocytes


cannals ocupied by osteocyte cell process

woven bone

collage fibers randomly oriendted.


mature bone in sheets


interconnecting rods or plates of bone; like scaffolding

appositional (growth)

new chondrocytes and new matrix at the periphery

interstitial (growth)

chonddrocytes within the tissue divide and add more matrix between cells.


the "cement"


shaft, compact


end of bone, spongy

epiphyseal plate

growth plate,

epiphyseal line

bone stops growing in length

medullary cavity

in children cavity is red marrow, gradually changes to yellow

sharpey's fibers

strengthen attachment of tendon to bone


thin connective tissue membrane lining inner cavities of bones

intramembranous ossification

takes place in connective tissue

endochondrol ossifciation

takes place in cartilage

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