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Civil Rights v.s Civil Liberties
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Greensboro, NCthe place where the first sit-ins occurred, most violent and racially segregated in the SouthNashville...Sit-Ins...Freedom Rides/Freedom RidersTeams of AA's and whites who traveled to the South in 1961 in an effort to draw attention to the South's refusal to integrate bus terminalsBirmingham...March on Washingtonthe event where MLK delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speechCivil Rights Act of 1964Signed by President Johnson, this piece of legislation made segregation illegal in most public places and required private employers to end discrimination in the workplaceVoting Rights Act of 1965This piece of legislation was passed in an effort to eliminate obstacles many AA's faced when registering to voteSelma March...Watts Riots...The Kerner Commission...Black Power...Black Panthers...Civil Rights Act of 1968...Assassination of MLK...Rosa Parks...Thurgood Marshallthe lead attorney for the Brown v. Board case, provided by the NAACPRev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- leader of the Montgomery Bus boycottEugene "Bull" Connor...John F. Kennedy...Malcolm X...Stokely Carmichaela black civil rights activist in the 1960's. Leader of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee. He did a lot of work with Martin Luther King Jr.but later changed his attitude. Carmichael urged giving up peaceful demonstrations and pursuing black power. He was known for saying,"black power will smash everything Western civilization has created."14th Amendmentthe decision by the Supreme Court in the Brown v. Board case stated that racial segregation in schools violated this lawagapemeans "disinterested love" or to love another without the expectation of anything in returnJames FarmerLeader of CORE during the Freedom RidesJames MeredithHis enrollment at the University of Mississippi in Sept. 1962 triggered full-scale riots and required JFK to send several thousand troops to the campus to keep the peace