Global Studies Review Final ( East Asia)

37 terms by s-schmetterling

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Western Impearialism in China


Boxer Rebellion


Four Modernizations


The Opium War ( causes and results)


Mao Zedong


Jiang Jesighi

ruler of the nationalist. strict

Chinese Civil War ( nationalists vs.Communists)


Japanese invasion of China


taiwan (Formosa)


Deng Xiaoping


One Child Policy


Five Year Plan


The Long March


The Great Wall of China


The Open door Policy








Buddhism ( in china)




Spheres of Influence


East Asian Geography


Asian Tigers

economic miracle, changed everything


held the real power in the society




minature poems


in the warrior class,vassal lords, in 1800's were broke.


was the way of a warrior , it emphasized honor, bravery, and absolute loyalty to ones lord


powerful family banking and industrial Concerns

Russo-Japanese War

1904, gained manchuria and korea. recognized as true super power

Meiji Restoration


The Rape of Nanking


Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere


Iwo Jima








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