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Arithmetic Expressions

an operator group that produces an answer


side notes only for the better understanding of the programmer


A rarely occurring mistake that only comes to light when the program is running


part of the code that is self explanatory

Logic Error

an error in the output produced (syntax error


a collection of classes together


a cross between English and Java that looks relatively like Java

Reserved Words

A list of words that is standard throughout Java

Run-Time Error

When the compilation of the code is complete, and an error warning appears


They tell how you decode a statements purpose


They are the rules by which you write code into statements


A program that hacks into another computer and destroys it


Initializing a string variable- for instance of a particular type

Syntax Error

an error that occurs when punctuation, spelling, or key placement is messed up

Mixed-Mode Arithmetic

expressions that contain 2 different types of data: double and int


An Operator that is used to convert a value of one type to the value of another


a finite sequence of effective statements, when applied to a problem, will solve it


a symbol whose value cannot be changed


A method that cannot be implemented by a subclass


A memory location, referenced by an identifier, whose value ca be changed during execution of a program

Concatenation Operator

An operator that combines strings together on the end of others. ex: +

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