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Frank Starling Law and Preload

Frank Starling Law
The greater the stretch of the cardiac muscle cell, the greater the force of contraction.
Frank Starling Law is aka as Length-tension relationship
Where length refers to the stretch of the myocardial cell and tension refers to contraction
length to which a myocardial cell is stretched and measured clinically as pulm. wedge press, central venous press, ventricular end-diastolic press or ventricular end-diastolic volume
As preload increases cardiac performace (eg; SV, CO) will increase ______
a certain physiologic limit
What increases the preload?
Atrioventricular valve regurg, semilunar valve regurg, and congential heart defect shunts (ASD,VSD, PDA)
Increase in preload is associated with
Chamber dilatation