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A disturbance that transfers energy from place to place
The material through which a wave travels
The highest parts of a transverse wave
Waves are created when a source of energy causes a medium to
The distance between 2 corresponding parts of a wave is called the wave's
When a wave hits a surface through which it CANNOT pass & bounces back, it undergoes
The bending of waves due to a change in speed is called
The bending of waves around the edge of a barrier is known as
Waves combine to make a wave with larger amplitude in a process called
constructive interference
Waves combine to make a wave with larger amplitude in a process called
destructive interference
When vibrations traveling through an object match the object's natural frequency, this is called
Sound is a disturbance that travels through a medium as what kind of wave
longitudinal wave
Sound does NOT travel through
outer space
The speed of sound depends on
the properties of the medium
The ability of a material to bounce back after being disturbed is called
The amount of energy a sound wave carries per second through a unit area
Sound waves with frequencies below the normal human range of hearing
Which term refers to how high or low a sound seems to a person
The pitch of a sound you hear depends on the sound wave's
The changing pitch of a police car's siren as it moves by you is an example of
the doppler effect
A set of tones combines in a way that is pleasing to the ear
A mixture of sound waves that do NOT sound pleasing to the ear
These waves have some electrical & some magnetic properties
electromagnetic waves
Electromagnetic waves can transfer energy without a
These electromagnetic waves have the longest wavelengths & lowest frequencies
radio waves
The electromagnetic waves with the highest frequencies
gamma rays
A material that reflects or absorbs any light that strikes it
Clear glass, water, and air are examples of this kind of material
Frosted glass and wax paper are examples of this kind of material
This occurs when parallel rays of light hit a rough or bumpy surface
diffuse reflection
When the surface of a mirror curves inward, it is called
This happens when light passes from air into water
the light slows down
This happens when white light strikes a black object
NO light is reflected
The primary colors of light are
Red, green, blue
Opaque substances that are used to color other materials are called
Every magnet, regardless of its shape, has 2
Magnetic poles
This happens if you break a magnet in half
Each half will be a new magnet (with a north & south pole)
Magnetic poles that are alike
Repel each other
The region around a magnet where the magnetic force is exerted in known as
Magnetic field
Magnetic field lines around a bar magnet do what
Spread out from the poles & curve around the magnet
An electric current produces a
Magnetic field
The charge on a proton and electron
Proton=positive Electron=negative
Just like with like magnetic poles, like electric charges do this
Repel each other
The buildup of charges on an object is called
Static electricity
The loss of static electricity as electric charges move off an object
Static discharge
After you acquire a positive charge, you then touch a doorknob & receive a shock. This leaves you
Electrically neutral
This causes current to flow
An electric current will always follow
The path of least resistance
In a series circuit with 3 bulbs
All the bulbs become dimmer as more bulbs are added
In a parallel circuit with 3 bulbs
Current from each bulb has its OWN path to follow