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Honors US History 1 Key Figures


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Thomas Jefferson
Democratic Republican- Strict interpt. of Constitution. Weak Central government- yeoman farmer and self sufficient, states rights.
John Marshal
Chief Justice for 34 years. Court had final say. Judge during Marbury vs Madison - Est. Judicial Review
William Henry Harrison
Whig and war hero- Battle of Tippecanoe.
defeated Van Buren to win the election of 1840 for the Whigs. The Whig's campaign included pictures of log cabins and cider.
Henry Clay
Great Compromiser- Whig, Speaker of the house
American System, Missouri Comp., Comp of 1850
James Madison
Democratic Republican, Congress issued Macon's Bill No. 2. It reopened American trade with the entire world. Napoleon convinced James Madison to give Britain 3 months to lift its Orders in Council. Madison did, but Britain chose not to lift its Orders in Council, and Madison had to reenact the United States's trade embargo, but this time just against Britain.
Macon's Bill No. 2 led to the War of 1812.
James Monroe
Democratic Republican- "Era of Good Feeling" but Brought upon Panic of 1819. Monroe Doctrine written by JQA
John C Calhoun
Southern Democrat- Against compromise of 1850, Nullification Crisis. Was for states rights
John Quincy Adams
Whig- Secrerary of State. Some say there was a Corrupt bargain with Henry Clay (Speaker) to get into presidency. Wanted internal improvments
Andrew Jackson
Democratic Republican - Against national bank. Was a national hero in Battle of New Orleans and believed in the Spoils System based on loyalty.
Daniel Webster
Republican - States cannot succesed.
Webster-Ashburton treaty with GB
Nicholas Biddle
President of the national bank, when threatened, stopped giving out loans. Wanted to make Jackson look bad but shows how corrupt the bank was. -Biddles Panic
Stephen Austin
Brought families over to Texas.
Sam Houston
Commander in Chief in texas
Santa Anna
Dictator of Mexico. Enforces tough laws. Signs treaty when captured but went against it
Martin Van Buren
Democratic Republican - Jackson wanted him to he could manipulate him and inherited his troubles. Hesitant to annex
Samuel Slater
Father of the American factory system
Dewitt Clinton
Gov of New York- State funded construction if Eerie Canal
Nat Turner
Slave revolt. Slaves were not allowed to read afterwards
John Tyler
President after Harrison's death. Claimed to be a whig but democrat at heart. Vetos bill for national bank and cabinet resigns.
James K Polk
Democratic Republican- Came in with 4 goals
1) Lower tariff
2) National Treasury
3+4) California and Texas
John C Fremont
Overthrows mexican rule, sets up Bear Flag republican in Northern California
Zachary Taylor
Whig, War hero, General in mexican war- dies while in office
Winfield Scott
Whig- Election of 1852
Captured Mexico City
Nicholas Trist
Draws up treaty of Gaudelupe Hidalgo
1) Gives America texas
2) Pays 15 mill for Cali and NM
David Wilmont
Wilmont proviso- Make new territories slave states
Lewis Cass
Veteran of the War of 1812 and father of popular soviernty
William Steward
NY senator who thought that there should be no compromise with the south. Bible was above the law
Franklin Pierce
Democrat- Offered spain 20 mil for cuba- Ostend Manifesto angered north. Did nothing for bleeding Kansas