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Mike Brown

structure of LDL receptor; 1 of 2

Joe Goldstein

structure of LDL receptor; 2 of 2

Barbara Pearse


Linda Buck

olfactory receptor are GPCRs

George Palade

secretory pathway

Lisa Stowers

VMO neurons in mice

Tim Mitchison

dynamic instability

Steve Hedrick

cloned T cell receptors; chair of Mol Bio at UCSD

Mike Bishop

showed viral oncogene v-src was a normal gene c-src hijacked by a virus; 1 of 2

Harold Varmus

showed viral oncogene v-src was a normal gene c-src hijacked by a virus; 2 of 2

Susumu Tonegawa

gene rearrangement of variable regions of Ig heavy chains leads to antibody diversity

Julie Theriot

Listeria bacteria actin tail

Brian Druker

Developed Gleevec, cancer treatment that blocks a kinase

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