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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, they're fightin and I won't get no sleep all night. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness
Pipe down all of ya. Go back to sleep It's all right, Molly. Annie's here.
It was my mama, Annie. We was riding' on the ferryboat. And she was holding me up to see all the big ships. And then I couldn't find her no more.
Blow. It was only a dream honey. Now you gotta go back to sleep. It's after 3 o'clock.
Annie... read me your note
Sure, Molly.
Here it comes again.
Please take care of our little darling. Her name is Annie.
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, now they're laughing.
All right. Do you wanna sleep with your teeth insida your mouth or out!
Gee, I dream about havin a mother and father again. But you're lucky. You really got 'em.
I know. Somewhere (proceeds to maybe
Annie, whatta ya doin?
Runnin away
Oh my goodness
My folks are never comin' for me. I gotta go find them
And give you the paddle
I don't care. I'm gettin outta here. Okay. I'm ready. Wish me luck.
Get up, get up!!
Yes, Miss Hannigan
There! Now, what do you say? What...do...you...say?
I love you, Miss Hannigan
Rotten Orphan
I'm not an orphan. My mother and father left a note saying they loved me and they were coming back for me.
Get to work!
Yes, Miss Hannigan
Good morning children!
Good morning, Miss Hannigan.
I love you, Miss Hannigan
Alright, breakfast.
Hot mush? Yuck!
After you finish your mush, you'll go to your sewing machines. There's an order of dresses to finish, if you have to work straight through to midnight
Yes, Miss Hannigan
Laundry. laundry man
Mornin, Bundles