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for trimester 3 test


land area that SUPPLIES WATER to a river system


smaller streams and rivers that feed into a main river


the PARTICLES of rock and soil that are moved by water or wind, resulting in erosion and deposition


process by which fragments of soil and rock are BROKEN OFF from the ground surface and CARRIED AWAY


process by which soil and fragments of rock are DEPOSITED in a new location

flood plain

the BROAD, FLAT VALLEY through which a river flows

oxbow lake

the crescent-shaped, cutoff body of water that remains after a river carves a new channel


a LOOPING CURVE formed in a river as it winds through its flood plain


the point where a river FLOWS INTO another body of water


the area of sediment deposits that build up near a river's mouth


the many small streams that come together at the source of the river (contains rapids and waterfalls)


a long ridge formed by deposits of sediments alongside a river channel

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