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Personal selling

is the interpersonal part of the promotion mix


are an effective link between the company and its customers to produce customer value and company profit

Territorial sales force structure

refers to a structure where each salesperson is assigned an exclusive geographic area and sells the company's full line of products and services to all customers in that territory

Product sales force

structure refers to a structure where each salesperson sells along product lines

Customer sales force structure

refers to a structure where each salesperson sells along customer or industry lines

Complex sales force

structure refers to a structure where a wide variety of products is sold to many types of customers over a broad geographic area and combines several types of sales force structures


are one of the company's most productive and expensive assets

Workload approach

to sales forces size refers to grouping accounts into different classes to determine the number of salespeople needed

Team selling

is used to service large, complex accounts


identifies qualified potential customers through referrals from:Customers Suppliers Dealers Internet


is identifying good customers and screening out poor ones by looking at: Financial ability Volume of business Needs Location Growth potential


is the process where the salesperson meets and greets the buyer and gets the relationship off to a good start and involves the salesperson's: Appearance Opening lines Follow-up remarks

The most important attribute is for the salesperson to



is when the salesperson tells the product story to the buyer, presenting customer benefits and showing how the product solves the customer's problems

Personal selling

is transaction-oriented to close a specific sale with a specific customer

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