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Which of the following was not one of the Reconstruction era constitutional amendments?


The incident that caused the clash between Congress and President Johnson to explode into the open was

Johnson's veto of the bill to extend the Freedmen's Bureau

Andrew Johnson had been put on Lincoln's ticket as vice president in his second term

to appeal to War Democrats and pro-Union southerners

Despite opposition and ridicule, Secretary of State Seward was able to persuade the Congress to purchase Alaska partly because

Russia had been the European power most friendly to the Union during the Civil War

At the end of the Civil War, many white Southerners

still believed that their view of succession was correct and their cause was just

A primary motive for the formation of the Ku Klux Klan was

white resentment of the ability and success of black legislators

In the 1866 congressional elections

voters endorsed the congressional approach to Reconstruction

President Johnson's plan for Reconstruction

aimed at swift restoration of the southern states after a few basic conditions were met

John was narrowly acquitted on the impeachment charges because

it was finally recognized that the charges were dubious and political

In 1865, Southern

blacks often began traveling to test their freedom, search for family members, and seek economic opportunity

The main purpose of the Black Codes was to

ensure a stable and subservient labor supply

The first and only ex-Confederate state to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment in 1866 and thus be immediately readmitted to the Union under congressional Reconstruction was


John's veto of the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 prompted Congress to seek passage of

the Fourteenth Amendment

The official charge that the House of Representatives used to impeach President Johnson was his

dismissal of Secretary of War Stanton contrary to the Tenure of Office Act

In President Andrew Johnson's view, the Freedmen's Bureau was

a meddlesome agency that should be killed

To many Northerners, the Black Codes seemed to indicate that

the arrogant South was acting as if the North had not really won the Civil War

As a politician, Andrew Johnson developed a reputation as a(n)

champion of the poor whites

In his 10 percent plan for Reconstruction, President Lincoln promised

rapid readmission of Southern states into the Union

Radical congressional Reconstruction of the South finally ended when

the last federal troops were removed in 1877

For congressional Republicans, one of the most troubling aspects of the Southern states' quick restoration to the Union was that

with the black population fully counted, the South would be stronger than ever in national politics

In 1867, Secretary of State Seward achieved the Johnson administration's greatest success in foreign relations when he

purchased Alaska from Russia

Many feminist leaders were deeply disappointed with the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments because they

gave equal rights to African American males but not to women

The Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed

citizenship and civil rights to freed slaves

Freedom for Southern blacks at the end of the Civil War

came haltingly and unevenly in different parts of the conquered Confederacy

Even though the Force Acts and the Union Army helped suppress the Ku Klux Klan, the secret organization largely achieved its central goal of

intimidating blacks and undermining them politically

___ believed that the Southern states had completely left the Union and were therefore, "conquered provinces" that had to seek readmission on whatever terms Congress demanded.

Congressional Republicans

The greatest achievements of the freedmen's Bureau were in


In the postwar South

the economy and social structure was utterly devastated

Which one of the following is least related to the other four?

Ku Klux Klan

The Fourteenth Amendment

prohibited ex-Confederate leaders from holding public office

The controversy surrounding the Wade-Davis Bill and the readmission of the Confederate states to the Union demonstrated

the deep differences between President Lincoln and Congress

The Ku Klux Klan could best be described as

a secret terrorist organization

Which of the following was not among the functions provided by the black Union League?

helping blacks migrate from the South to the North

The last of the Reconstruction era amendments to pass was the


The white South viewed the Freedmen's Bureau as

a meddlesome federal agency that threatened to upset white radical dominance

Reconstruction might have been more successful if

Thaddeus Steven's radical program of drastic economic reforms and stronger protection of political rights had been enacted

The fate of the defeated Confederate leaders was that

after brief jail terms, all were pardoned in 1868

The root cause of the battle between Congress and President Andrew Johnson was

Johnson's "soft" treatment of the white South

Many feminist leaders were especially disappointed with the Fourteenth Amendment because it

specified for the first time in the Constitution that only males could vote

Both moderate and radical Republicans agreed that

freed slaves must be granted the right to vote

Blacks in the South relied on the Union League to

educate them on their civic duties

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