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History Final Review

What did Roosevelt and Congress pass the day after FDR's inauguration?
Emergency Banking Bill
Roosevelt created the Securities Exchange Commission(SEC) to
regulate the stock market
What reason does the National Labor Relations Act give for allowing labor unions to form?
Collective bargaining ensures equality and protects the flow of business
What did Congress do to deal with the banking crisis?
pass the Emergency Banking Bill
What were the goals of the New Deal?
provide relief, recovery, and reform
The American Liberty League (ALL) formed to
oppose FDR's New Deal
The Agricultural Adjustment Act helped farmers because it
sought to end overproduction and raise crop prices
The right to collective bargaining was part of the
Wagner Act
Members of the ___ participated in a sit down strike until General Motors agreed to recognize them.
Which opponent of the New Deal believed that the program did not do enough to help poor Americans and what program did he propose?
Senator Huey Long proposed a high tax program on the wealth and large corporations and the redistribution of their income to give poor Americans
During the 1930s the Bureau of Indian Affairs
stopped discouraging the practice of Indian religions
FDR set aside 12 million acres of land for
national parks
Which piece of the New Deal legislation negatively affected Native Americans?
the Navajo Livestock Reduction program
How did the Indian New Deal reverse the conditions that resulted from the Dawes Act?
John Collier helped get laws passed that restored tribal control over American Indian land
Who was a top swing musician?
Glenn Miller
The Lone Ranger and The Shadow are examples of
radio series
What radio drama was so realistic that some people thought aliens were invading Earth?
"War of the Worlds"
The Federal Art Project set a precedent for
federal funding of the arts and artists
Which of the following statements is correct?
The radio was a source of information in both the 1920s and 1930s
Why did Americans enjoy escapist films in the 1930s?
Movies provided relief from the everyday problems of the Great Depression
The New Deal Coalition was a strong political force that
gave Democrats a majority in both houses of Congress for many years
Critics disapproved of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) because it
gave government direct control of a business
The Bonneville Dam and other similar projects
improved life in the American West
How did the Great Depression eventually change Germany politically?
Germans eventually believed that Hitler would solve their economic problems
Which of the following actions did Japan take in an attempt to recover from the Great Depression?
Japan abandoned its constitutional monarchy
What impact did the appeasement policy of the United States, Britain, and France have on German aggression?
It encouraged more aggression