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Romeo and Juliet

for the Romeo and Juliet test. dont only use this, also review the book

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who is romeo
a Montague who has strong feelings and loves people who he cannot be with
who is juliet
a capulet who is judging and stubborn and loves romeo
who is benvolio
romeo's cousin, who is helpful and tries to cheer romeo up
who is friar lawrence
a crafty friar who likes to make plans
who is tybalt
juliet's cousin who hates the Montagues, especially romeo
who is balthazar
romeo's servant who reported juliet's death
who is lord montague
romeo's father
who is lady montague
romeo's mother who loves him so much, she dies of sadness when romeo is banished
who is lady capulet
juliet's mom
who is lord capulet
juliet's dad who tries to force her to marry paris and threatens to disown his daughter
who is paris
the guy who wants to marry juliet
who is the nurse
juliet's best friend who raised her
who is baz luhrmann
the producer of the modern romeo and juliet movie
who is franco zeffirelli
a guy with a weird last name who directed the normal romeo and juliet movie
why is the capulet mansion important
the party is hosted there
why is verona important
the story takes place there
why is mantua important
romeo is banished to there
why is the balcony important
romeo and juliet love on each other
why is juliet's room important
she recieves romeo's proposal there and is threatend to be disowned there
why is friar's cell important
that is where the plan making takes place and where romeo and juliet marry
why is the capulet tomb important
it is where romeo and juliet kill themselves
explain star crossed
ill fated. romeo and juliet are star-crossed
what was friar's plan
for juliet to fake her death, then romeo comes to get her
why did lady capulet think romeo should die
since a capulet died, a motague should too, and that montague should be the one who caused the death
why did lord montague think romeo should live
romeo killed a murderer, and the law would do that anyway
what did the prince decide
romeo would be banished
when juliet hears of the fight, what does she think
tybalt killed romeo
when juliet hears tybalt died, how did she react
she was sad, but glad that it was romeo that lived
why does romeo think being banished is worse than death
he can no longer be with juliet
what is one way romeo acted impulsively
he killed tybalt (answers may vary. if you got something else, override)
why should romeo feel blessed when he is banished
instead of dying, he is only banished; juliet lives; he beat tybalt when tybalt could have beat him
what did romeo think of love at the beginning of the book
love makes people sad and crazy
what does benvolio think of love
the only way to get better from heart breaks is to love others
what does paris think of love
girls should marry early on
what does lord capulet think of love
women should be married later in life
what did juliet think of love earlier in the book
people should consider marrying someone if their parents like the person
what does the nurse think of love
being happy is all that matters in love
what does mercutio think of love
if love is hard on you, be hard on it TWSS