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Communist influence

1944 Communists took over Bulgaria, and decided to make Bulgarian Folk music their national identity. They "classicized" it.


leader of musical group


guitar type instrument Svettanka played, double stringed.

Bulgarian Language

Cyrillic ( 33 letters )

How did they sing the songs?

They sang the melody in unison without harmony.

where did these songs come from?


How are these songs passed down?


why were these songs created/what were they about

songs are descriptive 3rd person narratives


noise present in slavic cultures




german for of from goat, it is a bagpipe.

how instruments were learned

boy was given instrument and told to play in the pasture, he was not allowed to come back until he could do something with it musically.


size of tennessee, 8 million people, 7 distinct music styles

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