21 terms

Hitler's foreign policy and the outbreak of war

Germany withdrew from league of nations
10 year non agression pact with Poland
january 1934
Mussolini prevents Anschluss
1st july 1934
Saar returned to germany
jan 1935
stresa front formed
april 1935
Anglo naval agreement
june 1935
mussolini invades abyssinia
oct 1935
Rhineland remiliterised
march 1936
rome berlin axis
oct 1936
appeasement begins
may 1937
anti committern pact (Italy,Germany,
Japan anti communism)
march 1938
Berchtesgaden-chamberlain finds out what hitler wants with sudetenland
15th sept 1938
Godesburg (meeting gives hitler sudetenland, the german speaking parts)
22nd sept 1938
Munich agreement
30th sept 1938
Britain and Germany agree never to go to war
collapse of Czechoslovakia
march 1939
France and Britain agree to support poland
april 1939
nazi soviet pact
aug 1939
Germany invades poland
1st sept 1939
Britain declares war on Germany
3rd sept 1939