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Germany withdrew from league of nations


10 year non agression pact with Poland

january 1934

Mussolini prevents Anschluss

1st july 1934

Saar returned to germany

jan 1935

stresa front formed

april 1935

Anglo naval agreement

june 1935

mussolini invades abyssinia

oct 1935

Rhineland remiliterised

march 1936

rome berlin axis

oct 1936

appeasement begins

may 1937

anti committern pact (Italy,Germany,
Japan anti communism)



march 1938

Berchtesgaden-chamberlain finds out what hitler wants with sudetenland

15th sept 1938

Godesburg (meeting gives hitler sudetenland, the german speaking parts)

22nd sept 1938

Munich agreement

30th sept 1938

Britain and Germany agree never to go to war


collapse of Czechoslovakia

march 1939

France and Britain agree to support poland

april 1939

nazi soviet pact

aug 1939

Germany invades poland

1st sept 1939

Britain declares war on Germany

3rd sept 1939

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