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Loop diuretics

Identify three loop diuretics?

1. furosemide
2. bumetanide
3. torsemide

What is a Trade name for furosemide?


What is a Trade name for bumetanide?


What is a Trade name for torsemide?


What are loop diuretics drugs used for?

Treatment of:
1. severe edema, especially CHF and pulmonary edema
2. action is faster and more effective than thiazides

What are the side effects for loop diuretics meds (6)?

1. Fluid and electrolyte imbalance with dehydration, circulatory collapse, chest pain
2. Hypokalemia with weakness and vertigo
3. Hypotension
4. Hyperglycemia
5. Increased uric acid
6. Allergic reactions to furosemide in those allergic to sulfa drugs

What are six (6) contraindications or cautions for loop diuretics?

1. Liver and kidney disease
2. Alkalosis and dehydration
3. Allergies to sulfa drugs
4. Diabetes
5. History of gout
6. Pregnancy, lactation

What are nine (9) patient education issues for loop diuretics?

1. Take potassium supplements as prescribed
2. Notify Dr. immediately of side effects
3. Take with food before 6:00 pm
4. Rise slowly
5. Avoid alcohol
6. Report decreases in urinary output
7. Report abrupt or severe weight loss
8. Limit exposure to sunlight
9. Consult Dr. before taking any OTC meds.

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