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store brands

brand names owned by a store or chain of stores

security deposit

The money a renter pays to the landlord before moving in.


Activities you like to do in your free time to relax.

unit price

The price of one item or the price per unit of an item.

closing costs

The fees that you pay when you take ownership of a house.


Something offered or bought at a low price.

Nationally advertised brands

The brand names of items that are sold throughout the country and are advertised in newspapers and on t.v.


A list of supplies, materials, or equipment


A person who owns an apartment or house and rents it to others.


An amount subtracted from the original price of an item.

down payment

The money paid in advance of the purchase of a house.


The monthly fee paid to a landlord for a place to live.


A legal contract between a renter and the landlord.


The number of square units that cover a surface.


The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.


The price suggested by the manufacturer for a customer to pay for a new car.

sale price

The cost of an item that has been marked down.


The key or explanation for each symbol on a map.

sales tax

Money paid to the government based on a percent of the cost of an item.

clearance sale

A markdown of prices in a store to reduce stock.


A decrease in the value of an item because of use and age.


A place you can stay overnight, such as a hotel or motel.


A written agreement to rent a vehicle for a certain period of time.


The amount of money a store pays for an item.


A used vehicle that a car dealer takes from a customer in part payment for another vehicle.

residual value

The value of a car at the end of a lease.


How well made or well done something is.

down payment

Money you give the car dealer that lowers the amount left to pay on the car.

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