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parasitology 1,5,7

parasitology 1,5,7
pinworm disease may be diagnosed by which procedure
cellphona tape test
Taenia solium tapeworm infection occurs when
undercooked pork is eaten
the most common helminth infection in the United States is
Enterobius vermicularis
the definitive host for Plamodium vivax is a
Clonorchis sinensis is commonly known as the
Chinese liver fluke
THe most pathogenic ameba in humans is
Entamoeba histolytica
is used to culture ameba in the laboratory
Balamith fluid
Xenodiagnosis is used for
Trypanosoma cruzi
Diptera is an order of insects including
the common name for Nectar americanus is
dwarf tapeworm disease
Hymenolepis nana
Threadworm disease
Strongyloides stercoralis
Traveler's diarrhea
Giardia lamblia
Liver rot
Fasciola hepatica