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Stenosis of the mitral valve may initially cause a pressure increase in the:

pulmonary circulation.

Which statement best describes arteries?

All carry blood away from the heart.

Which tunic of an artery contains endothelium?

tunica interna (intima)

The circulatory route that runs from the digestive tract to the liver is called:

hepatic portal circulation.

Aldosterone will:

promote an increase in blood pressure.

Which of the following is true about veins?

Veins are called capacitance vessels or blood reservoirs

The hepatic portal vein:

carries nutrient-rich blood to the liver.

The term ductus venosus refers to:

a fetal shunt that allows blood to bypass the liver.

Which of the following blood pressure readings would be indicative of hypertension?

170/96 in a 50-year-old man

Which of the following would not be classified as a lymphatic structure?


The distal portion of the small intestine contains clumps of lymph follicles called:

Peyer's patches.

The thymus is most active during:


Red pulp consists primarily of:


Antibodies that act against a particular foreign substance are released by:

plasma cells.

Functions of the spleen include all of those below except:

crypts that trap bacteria.

Functions of the lymphatic system include:

transport of excess tissue fluid to the blood vascular system

Digestive tract-associated lymphatic tissue includes all of the following except:

islets of Langerhans.

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