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The pilot Todd crashes onto a farm in Alabama in this author's short story "Flying Home."


He explained his role as a black novelist in Shadow and Act, and John Callahan finished his second novel, the story of the preacher Alonzo Hickman raising a child who grows up to be the racist Senator Adam Sunraider.


In addition to Juneteenth, he wrote about Brother Jack's eye falling out and Ras the Destroyer forming the Brotherhood, after the main character is expelled fro showing a white man the true nature of his college.


For 10 points, name this author of Invisible Man.


After moving to Paris, this author wrote a novel in which Gilbert Blount is murdered by Cross Damon.


This author wrote about a mob that burns Bobo alive after four black children encounter a white woman at a swimming hole in his short story "Big Boy Leaves Home," which appears in his collection Uncle Tom's Children.


He gained renown for a novel about a character defended by the lawyer Boris Max after accidentally strangling Mary Dalton.


For 10 points, name this author of Black Boy who wrote about Bigger Thomas in Native Son.

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