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Logan College of Chiropractic Summer 2012

Direction Terminology above the midbrain

Anterior = front of skull
Posterior = back of skull
Ventral = base of skull
Dorsal = top of skull

What are the components of the forebrain?


Diencephalon Function

-Significant relay center for sensory input to the cerebrum
-integration of info passing from brainstem and spinal cord to cerebral hemispheres
-integration of motor and visceral

Cerebral hemispheres functions

Integrate the highest mental functions such as awareness of sensation, emotions, learning, memory, intelligence, creativity, and language

What part of the forebrain receive CN I?

cerebral hemispheres

What part of the forebrain receive CN II


3rd ventricle

1. In diencephalon
2. continuous with cerebral aqueduct

Lateral ventricles

1. In cerebral hemispheres

What separates lateral ventricals?

Septum pellucidum

4th Ventricle

1. where the cerebral aqueduct drains into
2. b/w brain stem and cerebellum

Choroid Plexus

makes CSF

Pathway of CSF within the brain

1. Lateral ventricle
2. 3rd Ventricle
3. cerebral aqueduct
4. 4th ventricl

Interventricular foramen of Monroe

CSF drains from lateral ventricles to 3rd ventricle via this

Hypothalamic sulus

CSF moves through here to the cerebral aqueduct

What connects the Thalamus?

interthalamic adhesion
massa intermedia

Which sense does not pass through thalamus?


Which part of the diencephalon is found on the ventral surface of the brain?



- Medial to subthlamus
- Forms the floor for 3rd ventricle
- found on ventral surface

What is lateral to each thalamic mass?

posterior limb of internal capsule


- Ventral to thalamus
- Lateral to hypothalamus


- Dorsal to post. part of 3rd ventricle
- two parts: Habenual, pineal gland

Parts of Hypothalamus (ant-post)


Mamillary region of Hypothalamus

in rostral part of interpeduncular fossa

Tuberal region of Hypothalamus

- contains infundibulum (stalk of pituitary)
- referred to as infundibular region

Lateral sulcus

separates frontal/parietal from temporal

Central sulcus

b/w frontal and parietal

Preoccipital notch and parieto-occipital sulcus

imaginary line b/w the two separate the occipital from parietal/temporal

Fissure of sylvus

AKA lateral sulcu

FIssure of Rolando

AKA central sulcus

Callosal sulcus

- dorsal to corpus callsum

Cingulate sulcus

- dorsla to callosal sulcus
- encircle the cingulated gyrus

Occipital sulcus

separates the parietal and occipital lobes

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