76 terms

AP Environmental Science

graph of human population growth to the present resembles
J shape curve
a sustainable society
meets needs aspiration of the present
former civilization of easter island collapsed because of
overpopulation and overexploitation
in her book, rachel carson presented a scenario
a silent spring
according tot he author, three themes that deal with how we should
sustainability, stewardship, and sound science
according to 1-4 global tempt and co2
global temp rises carbon rises
trendr indicate that the health of the planet
all of the above
most of the world's population growth will be near
developing countries
which of the following ecosystem services has
most species in the world go extinct because
loss of habitat
which of the following would have photo
planting deep rooted crops
scientist investigated vultures
vultures did not receive the drug
which of the following is most likely her reaction
this river fire illustrated many ways
nitrogen fixation
N2 -> NH3 -> NHy
organic nitrogen -> NH3 or NH4
nitrification ->
NH4 --> No3
the basic building blocks of all matter is
organic compounds
carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfer, phosphorus
entrophy is a measure of the degree of
all fo the following are examples of energy of potential except
the second law...heat is
the principle of entrophy
which of the following forest community
water traveling along a small stream
the ecosystem is defined by its
abiotic and biotic
fog is a component of the
you inhale
represents kinetic energy
hot burner on a stove
increasingly messy generally reflects
increase of entrophy
consumers rely on
chemical energy stored in organisms molecules
molecules produced by photosynthesis product of photosynthesis
most of the energy captured by photosynthesis is stored in
flows through nutrients cycle
high levels of
nitrogen fixation
burning fossil fuels
increase atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide
is a certain number of
birth +____ minus ____
inmigration; deaths
population would be expected to grow if
immigration increases and deaths decreases
natural selection
the rate at which member of a species
biotic potential
a species that has a critical role
keystone species
fig 4-2 logistic curve
s curve
k stradigest's population size typically
carrying compacity
a sudden hard freeze that hills members of an
density independent factor
abiotic factor limiting this squirrel population
stress of the cold winter
the many factors listed above that can effect
environmental resistance
rattle snakes living in arizona
the number of hawks
analogous to a mutualistic relationship
basketball player is paid
illustrates interspecific competition
standing near the dead antalope
moose and wolf
top down and bottom up population
reduces intraspecific fighting and ensures
concept of biotogical fitness is based on
survive and reproduce
japanese beetles are all examples of
invasive species
habitat distraction that leaves only small patches
a critical element in the protection of a species
the list uses a set of criteria
red list
in 1900 the us congress passed the
lacy act
the species that are most vulnerable to extension
endemic limited to a single population
which of the following ecosystems might be...
tropical forests
HiPPO stands for
habitat destruction, invasive species, pollution, population
there will be fewer
species of plants
humaspressure on the environment
figure 8.7
developing zontries
negative impact on
all of the above
which problem today
air pollution
better sanitation
medical revolution
total fertility rate
medical revolution
low levels of oxygen
green revolution
total fertility rate
medical revolution
five main revolution have resulted in
an increase in human carrying capacity
population growth and fertility
upper income countries
greatest human population increse
the amount of land and ocean needed
environmental footprint
mroe than my other high endrome
lowers life expectancy, more people in
developing countries pressure to increase agriculture
conversion of forest into agriculture
people in developing countries
move to cities
past few years l
live in cl