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Anatomy Head

In between the two bellies of the epicranius
Galea aponeurotica
Orbicularis oculi
Closes eylids
Orbicularis oris
Closes mouth, protrudes lips
Presses cheek against teeth and gums, blow instrument
Divisions of Facial Nerve
1. Temporal
2. Zygomatic
3. Buccal
4. Mandibular
5. Cervical
Muscles of facial nerve
1. Epicranius
2. Orbicularis oris
3. Orbicularis oculi
4. Buccinator
5. Platysma
Divisions of trigeminal nerve
1. Opthalmic
2. Maxillary
3. Mandibular
Skin overlying angle of mandible gets sensory innervation from
Great auricular nerve (c2 and c3)