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Study THIS!:) GOOD LUCK :) -Science STAFF

What are the 7 Characteristics of all living things?

1. Organization 5. growth and development
2. respiration 6. life span
3. reproduction 7. need non-living things
4. adjust to surroundings


All the chemical reactions that occur within an organism.


Producing more cells or replacing cells by the process of mitosis.

What are the three parts of the biosphere?

1. Land, 2. Atmosphere, 3. Water


It consists of all of the abiotic and biotic factors of a community .


The physical location where an organism lives


Traps energy from the sun through the process of photosynthesis able to produce their own food.


Found at every level on the ecological pyramid.

Where do producers get their energy?

Sun (Fungi and Bacteria)


Eats meat


Eats plants


Eats meat and plants

Food chain

Demonstrates a SIMPLE flow of energy from one organism to another.

Food web

Demonstrates a MORE COMPLEX flow of energy since it is compared of an interconnected NETWORK of food chains.


Pure substances that cannot be broken down.


Pure substances formed from the chemical combination of two or more elements.


uses symbols and numbers to show the types and numbers of atoms in a single unit of a molecule.

What are the building blocks of proteins


Three points of Cell theory?

1. Basic Unit Of life
2. unicellular or multicellular
3. cells divide to form two identical cells through mitosis.

What piece of equipment helped scientists develop the cell theory?

The Compound Light Microscope- helped scientists develop the cell theory!


Temporarily stores water, waste and food.


Contains organelle found in green plant cells and traps sunlight.


gel-like substance found inside eukaryotic cells that contain the cells organelles needed to carry out life process; It is the site of numerous chemical reactions

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