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-a ship that can travel underwater
a nuclear submarine


- a written text of a play, film/movie, broadcast, talk( kich ban)


a person who writes novels(n)

numerous excellent films



conversations in a book, play, or film/movie(n)
The novel has long descriptions and not much dialogue



enormous job



extremely large

a high - quality films



-a person who writes the words for films/movies, television and radio plays

science fiction film


original writer



to state something, especially by giving an exact measurement, time, exact instructions, etc( xac dinh ro)

famous star


attract audience


take attention away from


practical problrms


camera shots



-the place where something happens, especially something unpleasant(canh)


dong vai

cast (somebody) something

to look, smile, etc. in a particular direction

sound stage

-a platform or a special area where sound can be recorded, for example for a film/movie

indoor scenes



the natural features of an area, such as mountains, valleys, rivers and forests, when you are thinking about them being attractive to look at
Ex: to enjoy the scenery


-the speed or rhythm of a piece of music( toc do nhac)
a slow/fast tempo


- the speed at which somebody/something walks, runs or moves
to set off at a steady/gentle/leisurely pace

sound track


historical drama



a person on a ship who attacks other ships at sea in order to steal from them(n- hai tac)
a pirate ship

pirate film


adventure film


western films


action film



spies a person who tries to get secret information about another country, organization or person, especially somebody who is employed by a government or the police( tham thu)

spy film



- a very sad event or situation, especially one that involves death
- It'a serious play with a sad ending, especially one in which the main character dies; plays of this type
Shakespeare's tragediess a tragedy that she died so young.

tragedy film


comedy film



-a book, play or film/movie with an exciting story, especially one about crime or spying( tieu thuyet, vo kich ly ki)

thriller film


science-fiction film


horror film


musical film


romance film


romance-comedy film


epic film



- the series of events that form the story of a novel, play, film/movie, etc(COT TRUYEN)
a conventional plot about love and marriage

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