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  1. chronic carrier
  2. morbidity
  3. vector
  4. genetic control
  5. droplet nuclei
  1. a particles of dried secretions from the mouth and nose that may float in the air for a considerable amount of time over long distances
  2. b organism that carries pathogens from person to person
  3. c person with a latent infection who sheds the infectious agent
  4. d the ratio of deaths in an area to the population of that area
  5. e Chemical barriers, physical barriers, & sterile males

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  1. animals with detectable antibodies
  2. a person infected with a pathogenic microorganism but with no symptoms of the infection
  3. the number of existing cases of a disease
  4. life cycle events triggered by environmental cues may be altered. trees "leaf out" earlier. spring arrives earlier in some places. flowers appearing out of season
  5. a population survey using serologic test to screen for exposure and immunity to an infectious disease

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  1. enzootica toxin that is confined inside the microorganisms and is released only when the microorganisms are broken down or die


  2. extrinsic factorBody coverings


  3. epidemiological triada widespread outbreak of an infectious disease


  4. arthropodbeing long-lasting and recurrent or characterized by long suffering adjective


  5. panzooticAnimal version of pandemic.