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PAI is the search code for


MMI (MIMEDICAID) is the search code for


CRK is the search code for


AP is the search code for


ESI is the search code for

Express Scripts

HAP (610011) is the search code for


1) prescription number and/or the name of the medication
2) patient name and telephone number
3) the time and origin of the call
... are the items needed for

Receiving a refill by phone

The phone should be answered by the

3rd ring

What does D.O. stand for

Doctor of Osteopathy

What does D.D.S. stand for


What does D.P.M. stand for

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

What does D.V.M. stand for

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

What does M.D. stand for

Medical Doctor

What does P.A. stand for

Physician's Assistant

What does R.Ph. stand for

Registered Pharmacist

What does C.N.P. stand for

Certified Nurse Practitioner

What does R.N. stand for

Registered Nurse

What does NDC stand for

National Drug Code

What does CMS stand for

Center of Medicare and Medicaid services

What is DAW 1

substitution not allowed by prescriber

What is DAW 2

substitution allowed - patient requested product dispensed

What is DAW 5

substitution allowed - brand product dispensed as a generic

What is DAW 9

indicates the patient has signed the ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice)

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