20 terms

chapter 6

The Transport layer of the OSI model uses data units called _____.
a. words c. bitgrams
b. datagrams d. bytegrams
_____ pulses allow transmission rates up to 4 Mbps.
a. Microwave c. X-ray
b. Infrared d. Ultraviolet
The tendency of a signal to become weaker over distance is known as _____.
a. amplification c. attenuation
b. alienation d. amelioration
The _____ layer of the OSI model is responsible for translation, formatting, and syntax selection.
a. Presentation c. Application
b. Session d. Data Link
Fiber-optic cables use _____ fibers to guide light pulses along a cable.
a. ceramic c. plastic
b. glass d. tungsten
42 Mbps
Cable is theoretically capable of speeds up to _____.
a. 4.2 Mbps c. 420 Mbps
b. 42 Mbps d. 42 Gbps
_____ direct network traffic based on the logical (IP) addresses assigned at the third layer of the OSI stack.
a. Bridges c. Hubs
b. Routers d. Gateways
A _____ is a device designed to protect an internal network or node from intentional or unintentional damage from an external network.
a. gate c. firewall
b. barricade d. fence
_____ media are physical media such as copper wire or fiber-optic cable.
a. Directed c. Undirected
b. Guided d. Oriented
In a _____ topology, one of the computers or a network device serves as a hub for all messages.
a. grid c. bus
b. star d. ring
A(n) _____ diagram shows the protocol interactions between two entities.
a. flow c. timing
b. assignment d. hierarchy
Twisting copper wires nearly eliminates the electromagnetic effect known as _____.
a. inductance c. resonance
b. resistance d. impedance
Which of the following WAN technologies use the same unguided media as television?
a. DSL c. cable
b. dial-up d. satellite
A(n) _____ is a set of rules designed to facilitate communication.
a. procedure c. code
b. accord d. protocol
The PCI system bus consists of _____ wires.
a. 10 c. 98
b. 20 d. 198
_____ measures the speed a transmission medium is able to handle in bits per second.
a. Bandwidth c. Bit capacity
b. Byte capacity d. Broadwidth
Normal telephone voice-grade lines use what is called _____-division multiplexing to divide up the bandwidth among the subscribers.
a. phase c. wave
b. frequency d. amplitude
The OSI conceptual model for the communication process has _____ discrete layers.
a. four c. seven
b. five d. nine
A _____ is a relatively small number of computers connected together in close proximity, usually within a building or complex.
a. LAN c. DAN
b. WAN d. MAN
The normal copper wire is capable of carrying _____ voice channels.
a. 4 c. 24
b. 16 d. 48