World History: India

26 terms by mmoraleta

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Study the words for the final.


a world religion or philosophy based on the teaching of the Buddha and holding that a state of enlightenment can be attained by suppressing worldly desire


rainy season in southern Asia when the southwestern monsoon blows, bringing heavy rains


a large and distinctive landmass (as India or Greenland) that is a distinct part of some continent


(Hinduism) an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism)


founder of Buddhism


social status or position conferred by a system based on class


Ancient Sanskrit writings that are the earliest sacred texts of Hinduism.


lowest class of people in the caste system of Hinduism, do all the dirty work of society


the religious and moral duties of Hindus


In Hindu belief, all the actions that affect a person's fate in the next life


a second or new birth


the Creator


A Hindu god considered the preserver of the world


the Destroyer


the enlightened one

4 noble truths

1. life contains suffering 2. cause of suffering 3. suffering can be "cured" 4. follow "middle way" (Eightfold Path)

8 fold path

To reach Nirvana 1. right views, 2. intention, 3. speech, 4. actions, 5. living, 6. effort, 7. mindfulness, 8. concentration


a condition of great peace or happiness


Muslim dynasty that ruled India in 16th-17th century.


greatest Mughal leader of India

Taj Mahal

a tomb built by Shah Jahan for his wife

Passive resistance

peaceful resistance to a government by fasting or refusing to cooperate



Sepoy Mutiny

an 1857 rebellion of Hindu and Muslim soldiers against the British in India


Indian soldiers in the British army

British rule in India

Indians had little power to govern themselves.

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