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HHD SAC 3- Chapter 6

Promoting Health
Models of Health
1. Biomedical
2. Social
3. The Ottawa Charter
Biomedical Model of Health
Focus's on;
- Physical
- Biological aspects of disease and illness
Medical Model of care practiced by doctors and health professionals
- Body diognosis
- Treatment (medicine)
- Cure

EG. Blood tests, x-rays
Social Model of Health
Improvments in health and wellbeing which are achieved by directing efforts toward by addressing;
- Social
- Economic
- Enviornmental determinants of health.
Social Model of Health
(A.R.E.A.S- Guiding Principles)
Addressing All Determinants of Health:
Social Model of health has moved beyond focusing on;
- Genetic
- Biomedical determinants
Now also addresses;
- Social
- Envionmental determinants
Which contribute to inequalities in health & wellbeing
Reduce Social Inequality:
Social Model of Health is about;
- Reducing inequalities that exist in relation to health status
- Provision of health services
Attributed to a range of factors such as;
- Gender
- Socioeconomic status
- Location
- Physical envionment
Empower Individuals & Community
Provides Individuals & Communities with;
- Resources
- Skill base
Needed to address factors that influence health and enable them to participate in decisions about their health
Accessibility to Healthcare
Improving access to healthcare.
Services and info should be availiable based on;
- Need
- Affordability
- Appropriateness
- Accessibility to all.
Healthcare services should address areas with barriers such as;
- Location
- Transport
- Cost
- Knowledge
Sectorial Collaboration
Embraces need for interaction b/w;
- Government departments (education)
- Private sector (manafacturers)
- The Health sector.
Ottawa Charter
An approach to health development
- attempts to reduce inequalities in health
- Developed from the social model of health and defines health promotion as
'the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve health'
Types of Strategies by the Ottawa Charter
- Enabling
- Meditating
- Advocacy
1. Enabling
Focus's on;
- equity
Aims to reduce differences in health status.
- Ensures equal oppotunities & resources to all people to reach fullest health potential
2. Meditate
Optimal health is not ensures by health sector alone.
Health promotion requires;
- Coordinated action by all governments
- Health sector
- Non govt orgos
3. Advocate
HP aims to make;
- Political
- Economic
- Social
- Cultural
- Biological
- Behavioural
Factors favourable for advocacy of health.
Priority Actions (Owatta Charter)
1. Build healthy public policy
- Decisions made by govt or ogos
- Policy, rules (makes healthier choices)

2. Create supportive envionment
- Building links b/w individuals & envionments
- Promoting safe enviornments

3. Strengthen community action
- Communities make decisions together to set priorities and implement strategies
EG. Parent/student meetings

4. Develop personal skills
- Individuals gaining life skills & important info through educations
EG. Guest speakers

5. Reorient health services
- Involves, communities, individuals, health professionals
- Promote health
EG. Doctors
How the Ottawa Charter reflects the Social Model of Health