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  1. Resolution
  2. Windows metafile (WMF)
  3. Tagged Image File (TIF)
  4. Resize
  5. Macro zoom
  1. a the quality of digital detail in an image, depending on the number of dots per inch (dpi)
  2. b zoom that allows you to take extreme close-ups
  3. c Microsoft's vector file format; most Microsoft clip art are metafiles and can be edited
  4. d changing the size or shape of an object
  5. e uncompressed bitmap file format that supports 16 million colors; file size is very large and is not appropriate for the web

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  1. the relationship between the light and dark areas of an image
  2. compressed bitmap file format (lossless) that supports only 256 colors and is appropriate for the web; supports transparency and animation
  3. a function within graphic software that enables a user to rotate an image a number of degrees
  4. the measure of relative lightness or darkness of a color (measured as a percentage from 0% [black] to 100% [white] )
  5. an image created by using a series of mathematically defined lines and curves rather than pixels, making the image easier to rescale; also called draw-type graphics

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  1. Flipreverse the image; mirror image


  2. Importto insert text or objects from another source


  3. Uploadingto select more than one object to create a composite object; used for common resizing and moving


  4. Joint Photographer Experts Group (JPEG)compressed bitmap file format (lossless) similar to the gif format; it is not limited to 256 colors, is appropriate for the web, and supports transparency


  5. Drawing softwareprograms used to create bitmap images; useful in creating original art because they provide the tools used by artists (such as brushes and pens)