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Material Handling


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look for protruding nails, wires or sharp edges
Before trying to lift anything, you need to look for___
size up the load
Before you try to lower an overhead load, you need to ___
lift with your legs
What is the proper and safest way to lift items?
10 bags high
When stakiing bags of the same width, they need to be cross keyed every ____
Never stack or store materials on _____.
half hitches
A common way to tie a clove hitch is to use 2 ____
exceed machines weight capacity
When moving a material cart on a non-flat surface, be certain that the load does NOT ____
cylinder cart
To move a bottle of compressed gas, a ____ should be used.
roller skid
A device that has a rotating table surface and/or spikes on the surface for a better grip is called a ____
trained, certified and authorized
To work a motorized material-handling equipment the operator must be ____.
any area into which the lifted materials could fall
How is the fall zone for a fork lift defined?
When driving a fork lift on rough terrain, keep the load ___ to prevent tip over.
eye contact
When using hand signals, always be certain you maintain _______ with the operator.
to pause
"dog everything" mean what, when using hand signals?