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Chapters 19 & 20


The normal number of cuspids in the adult mouth


Low levels of blood protein and the presence of ascites fluid in the abdomen is characteristic of children with this


Is NOT a process for heat loss from the body

fats yield more energy per gram than sugars or proteins

Which statement is true with regard to the relative caloric content of different nutrients

red blood cells

Bilirubin is a byproduct of the destruction of


The veriform appendix is attached to the


Most body heat is lost through the

emulsification of fats

Which function is accomplished by bile


The formation of stones in the gallbladder is called

sublingual glands

The salivary glands under the tongue are called the


You're eating a mixed meal consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Which nutrient type will be absorbed into the lacteals

All answers are correct (vitamin D, calciferol, calcium)

Rickets can result from a defiency in


Which is NOT a subdivision of the peritoneum


The hardest substance in a tooth is


The pyloric sphincter regulates the flow of food into the

55% carbohydrates, 15% protein, 15% fat

Conventional nutritional guidelines suggest that daily caloric intake should be divided between the three nutrient types as

carbon dioxide and water

The end products of cellular respiration are

alcohol interferes with the activity of liver enzymes

Which statement about alcohol is true

sigmoid colon

The portion of the large intestine that empties into the rectum is the

must be ingested in the diet

An essential amino acid


A body temperature of 99F would most likely induce

small intestine

Most nutrients are absorbed in the


The anaerobic phase of metabolism yields how many ATP molecules per glucose


The normal body temperature is about


A mineral found in hemoglobin

heat exhaustion

Ms J was hiking in the Andes wearing too many clothes. She has a headache a rapid pulse, and she is sweating profusely. Ms J is most likely suffering from

tooth decay

Caries is the scientific name for

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