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Thomas Nast
political cartoonist and exposed Boss Tweed, one of the corrupt city bosses
Lewis Hine
muckraker who took pictures of child laborers to expose how bad child labor was resulting in laws that protect children from being forced to work and formation of National Child Labor Committee
Upton Sinclair
Muckraker who shocked the nation when he published The Jungle, a novel that revealed gruesome details about the meat packing industry in Chicago;resulting in the Food and Drug Act, Meat Inspection Act
Ida Tarbell
A leading muckraker and magazine editor, she exposed the corruption of the oil industry with her 1904 work "A History of Standard Oil"; resulting in monopolies being busted up
Jacob Riis
He described the awful living conditions of poor people in the tenements of New York City in "How the other half lives"; led to many social reforms such as building codes