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Synonym for: goes together with

hand in hand

Synonym for: watch closely

keep a close eye on

Synonym for - rewrite phrase: stay friendly with
I try to stay friendly with all the journalists so that when I need a tip they give it to me.

I try to keep in with all the journalists so that when I need a tip they give it to me.

Synonym for: trustworthy

a safe pair of hands

Synonym for: don't like, don't hate

do not mind

We cannot rely ___ news that the mainstream media circulates.


Synonym for available:
Do you have any journalists available to go to the scoop that has just come in?

on hand

Journalists rarely have a lot of time ____ their ______s. (rewrite sentence)

Journalists rarely have a lot of time on their hands.

What is the missing expression (write just the expression - to keep):
After the slanderous article was published about Dilma the reporter tried to keep __ l____ p______.

to keep a low profile

Correct this phrase:
Unless you leave now, you miss the bus.

Unless you leave now, you will miss the bus.

Correct this phrase (rewrite the phrase):
We have to look after the reasons why Brazil is losing the last 2 games.

We have to look into the reasons why Brazil lost the last 2 games.

What's the missing words (write only the words - separated by commas and a space):

After coming ______ the answers on the internet the test was redone and made more difficult than it was initially. Of course the test was held in a very secure place and if it looked _____ you were cheating, you _______ be kicked _____ of the exam. We have to ____ our fingers ______ed now that we have completed the test.

across, like, would, out, keep, crossed

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