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Which people began their invasion and conquest of southwestern Britain around 450?
The Anglo-Saxons
Words from which language began to enter English vocabulary around the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066?
Which hero made his earliest appearance in Celtic literature before becoming a staple subject in French, English, and German literatures?
Toward the close of which century did English replace French as the language of conducting business in Parliament and in court of law?
fourteenth (14th)
Which king began a war to enforce his claims to the throne of France in 1336
Edward III
Who would be called the English Homer and father of English poetry?
Geoffrey Chaucer
What was vellum?
parchment made of animal skin
Only a small proportion of medieval books survive, large numbers having been destroyed in
the dissolution of the Monasteries in the 1530
What is the first extended written specimen of Old English?
a code of laws promulgated by King Ethelbert
Who was the first English Christian king?
In Anglo-Saxon heroic poetry, what is the fate of those who fail to observe the sacred duty of blood vengeance?
everlasting shame
Christian writers like the Beowulf poet looked back on their pagan ancestors with:
admiration and elegiac sympathy
The use of "whale-road"for sea and "life-house"for body are examples of what literary technique, popular in Old English poetry?
Which of the following statements is not an accurate description of Old English poetry?
Romantic love is a guiding principle of moral conduct
Which of the following best describes litote, a favorite rhetorical device in Old English poetry?
stress on every third diphthong
How did Henry II, the first of England's Plantagenet kings, acquire vast provinces in southern France?
his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine
Which of the following languages did not coexist in Anglo-Norman England?
Which twelfth-century poet or poets were indebted to Breton storytellers for their narratives?
Marie de France and Chreitien de Troyes,,,,,,
b and c only
To what did the word the roman, from which the genre of "romance"emerged, initially apply?
a work written in the French vernacular
Popular English adaptations of romances appealed primarily to
the lower orders of the nobility
What is the climax of Geoffrey of Monmouth's The History of the Kings of Britain?
the reign of King Arthur
Ancrene Riwle is a manual of instruction for
women who have chosen to live as religious recluses
The styles of The Owl and the Nightingale and Ancrene Riwle show what about the poetry and prose written around the year 1200?
They were written for sophisticate and well-educated readers & Their readers primary language was English
A and C only
In addition to Geoffrey Chaucer and William Langland, the "flowering"of Middle English literature is evident in the works of which of the following writers?
The Gawain Poet
Why did the rebels of 1381 target the church, beheading the archbishop of Canterbury?
The church was among the greatest of oppressive landowners
Which influential medieval text purported to reveal the secrets of the afterlife?
Dante's Divine Comedy
Who is the author of Piers Plowman?
William Langland
What event resulted from the premature death of Henry V?
the War of the Roses
Which literary form, developed in the fifteenth century, personified vices and virtues?
Morality Play
Which of the following statements about Julian of Norwich is true?
She is the first known woman writer in the English vernacular
Which of the following authors is considered a devotee to chivalry, as it is personified in Sir Lancelot?
Sir Thomas Malory