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The mountains of Greece made transportation difficult in ancient times. This made it difficult for Greeks to unite under a ____________ government.


The Greeks used seas as transportation routes. They used these transportation routes for trade, which brought new ______ from other lands.


The Greeks built ships for fishing and for battle. They also fished on the seas and used the seas for major transportation. Because of all the cultural activity that occurred that was related to the seas, it was the most important factor in ________ Greece.


Greek gods had human and ___________ qualities. That meant they had the power of gods but acted like humans.


Greek Gods looked like _____________.


Like other ancient people, Greeks believed in many Gods, which is called ______________.


Greek gods had ___________ like love, anger and jealousy, and Greek people liked to talk about them.


Each Greek city had a special god or goddess to __________ it.


_________ are stories that people tell to explain beliefs about their world. They often begin as oral stories and later are written down.


Greeks developed myths to explain the ______________ of the world and human beings.


Myths describe the gods and goddesses and how they related to one another and ______________.


Prometheus was a god who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. Zeus punished him by turning him into a ______.


Greeks created statues of gods and built __________ to worship them.

holy festivals

Greeks held special events like ________________ to honor gods.


The _______________ were games held every four years as part of a major festival that honored Zeus.


Greece was divided into smaller regions called ___________, which was a state formed by a city and its surrounding lands. They were small anc covered between 50 and 500 square miles.


Each city-state of Greece was _______________, and their people figured out what government worked best for them. Each city state used a different political system.


The earliest form of government in Greece was a __________, which was ruled by a king or queen,


Some Greek city-states were ________________, and were ruled by the upper class of society or nobles.


Someone who took power in an illegal way was known as a _________.


Greeks introduced the idea of being a ______________, which meant that the person was loyal to one country and entitled to protection by it.

adult males

In Greece, only _____________ could be citizens.


Athens established a direct democracy with __________ benefits.


In Athens, people who were a threat to society were put before a vote by an assembly. The assembly could send the person away for 10 years. This person had been ____________.


Sparta had a government that was part monarchy, part oligarchy and part ______________.


Two kings ruled Sparta, and five elected ______________ ran the government

Council of Elders

In Sparta, the _________________ proposed laws


Because Sparta conquered surrounding lands to grow, it had to become a state that focused everything on building an ___________.

enslaved people.

Athenian society was divided into four main classes; citizens, women, non-citizen free persons and _____________.


Enslaved people of Athens worked in homes, agriculture, industry and _____________.

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