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Western Civ Final Short Answer

Explain, using an example, how each of the following forces helped push Europe toward war in 1914: nationalism, imperialism, militarism.
Nationalism is love of country or patriotism, imperialism is taking over another country by force to take its resources, militarism is a build up of military power.
Explain the role of the Franco-Prussian War in the rise of the alliance system in Europe.
Because of the conflict the European powers established alliances to limit German power.
Identify the Black Hand and explain why its members wanted to assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand.
Terrorist group in Serbia that was behind the assassination of the Archduke.
Describe why the method of warfare on the Western Front during World War I led to a stalemate.
Trench warfare prevented movement. Neither side was getting anywhere. During Christmas, there was a even a day of peace. Neither side wanted to fight, and they all hung out in no mans land and celebrated.
Explain why World War I was considered a global conflict even though most of the fighting took place in Europe.
Because of the world powers involved. Everyone was an ally with a country involved. There were also treaty's that said if one country went to war, the other would back them up. Eventually everyone got involved in the war. It was a war to end all wars, but they were fighting over nothing.
List three ways total war affected ordinary citizens.
The entire economic, social and political system was involved in war preparation.