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Everything you need to know about them!! :)

What is one of their favorite shows?

Pretty Little Liars

What is one of their favortite singers?

Brittney Spears

What band were they formely in?

The clique girls

What is there number one single called??

True Love

What show did they make a guest appearnce on. American Idol or So random?

So Random

What singer did they go on tour with?

Brittney Spears

What song got stolen away from them


wHO STOLE a song from Destinee and Paris?

Miranda Consgrove

What show were destinne and paris backround singers for?

American Idol

What song did they write for Kony 2012


What Contry did The clique girls go to on tour?


Where were they born?

New Jersey

What 6 singers did they open for?

Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Stevie Nicks,The Backstreet Boys,and Lionel Richie

What year did a producer want to work with them?


What episode did they guest star on so random?

episode 26

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