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bio pearson campbell chapter 13

Genetic drift is _____.

more likely to have an impact on small populations

The evolution of populations due to chance is

genetic drift

Gene Flow

occurs when individuals move into or out of a population, changing the allele frequencies in the population. In this case, new brown beetles in the population cause the frequency of the brown allele to increase.

Natural Selection

occurs when organisms with one inherited trait survive and reproduce more than organisms with other traits.

Stabilizing selection

favors intermediate phenotypes, selecting against phenotypes at both ends of a range and reducing variation

Disruptive Selection

favors phenotypes at one end of a range and is common in periods of environmental change.

Directional Selection

favors phenotypes at one end of a range and is common in periods of environmental change

Sexual Dimorphism

individuals with certain inherited characteristics are more likely to obtain mates than other individuals.

Intrasexual Selection

males compete directly for mates

Mate choice

females choose the mate

Darwin described his broad theory of evolution as

descent with modification

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